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TAWK Version 5 Patches

Last Updated:
February 12, 1997
This information describes how to correct problems with the TAWK Compiler version 5.0.
To fix all known problems in TAWK version 5, you must do two things:

TAWK Compiler for DOS:
Click here to download file: awkr50.exe
Last Updated: 2/12/97

TAWK Compiler for Windows NT or 95:
Click here to download file: awkr50w.exe
Last Updated: 1/10/97

TAWK Compiler for OS/2 or WARP:
The TAWK Compiler for OS/2 has both 16-bit and 32-bit runtimes. If you are not sure which versions you are using, you better download them all.
Click here to download file: awkr50o.exe (OS2 32-bit mode)
Last Updated: 1/10/97
Click here to download file: awkr50p.exe (OS2 16-bit protected mode)
Last Updated: 2/12/97
Click here to download file: awkr50b.exe (OS2 16-bit bound(dual) mode)
Last Updated: 2/12/97

TAWK DLL version for Windows NT or 95:
Requires TAWK Compiler version 5. This file fixes all bugs found to date in the DLL version of TAWK. After downloading the file, rename it from awkrwdll.exe to awkrw.dll. This file does not have any easy way to find the version number, so after you download it, make sure you end up using this file rather than the original one.
Click here to download file: awkrwdll.exe
Last Updated: 9/16/97

Diff3 Program.

Last Updated:
August 12, 1997
Oops! This was not on the Thompson Toolkit 4.2a distribution disk. You can download it from here.

Click here to download diff3.exe for Windows NT or 95
Click here to download diff3.exe for DOS
Click here to download diff3.exe for OS/2

DF Program for Windows 95.

Last Updated:
June 18, 1997
Windows 95 is sometimes available with a new "FAT32" file system. This version of Windows 95 contains a bug that cause df to return the incorrect disk size for some disks. Please download this version of the df program to correct the problem.

Note: This program has not been tested with huge disks, because we do not have the requisite configuration. If you have Windows 95 with the FAT32 file system (sometimes called Windows 95 OSR/2) and a hard disk larger than 2 GB, could you please try this and call us to let us know if it works.

Click here to download df.exe for Windows 95
You should download df.exe into your \usr\binw directory with your other Thompson Toolkit for Windows NT/95 executables.

Sh95 Program for Windows 95

Last Updated:
October 1, 1996
The sh95 program is used to create a Windows 95 "shortcut" to launch the Thompson Toolkit Shell. This program is a free add-on for the Thompson Toolkit for Windows NT/95, version 4.1a - 4.1e. It is not needed by the Thompson Toolkit for DOS, even if you are running the DOS version under Windows 95. This program is for use only with Windows 95, and is not needed under Windows NT.

The new Microsoft Windows user interface as used in Windows 95 and Windows NT version 4.0 allows you to create a "shortcut" to launch a program by clicking on it. The shortcut can be a desk-top icon, or an entry in the "Start" menu.

Unfortunately, shortcuts have the following difficulties under Windows 95:

These problems occur only when starting 32-bit windows programs that use consoles, such as the Thompson Toolkit Shell. In contrast, 16-bit DOS programs, such as the Windows 95 command shell, do not exhibit these problems. The problems are in Windows 95, not the Thompson Toolkit.

To work around these problems, specify sh95.exe instead of sh.exe when creating a "shortcut" for Windows 95.

To create a desktop "shortcut" under Windows 95 or Windows NT version 4.0, click the right mouse button with the mouse on the desktop (i.e., the mouse is not over an active window or icon). Select the "New" option, and the "shortcut" sub-option. Windows will prompt for a program name.

Note: The sh95.exe program is a small stub program that works around the Windows 95 problems, and then invokes the regular sh.exe program. Therefore, it must be able to find sh.exe. It looks for sh.exe in the directory from which it was invoked, then in the directory \usr\binw.

Click here to download sh95.exe
You should download sh95.exe into your \usr\binw directory with your other Thompson Toolkit for Windows NT/95 executables.


We intend to continue to place any bug fixes in this directory in the future, so you will want to look here from time to time.

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