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Thompson Automation Software has ceased actively selling software.

For technical support, please email:

If you have incorporated our software into a product and wish to continue to ship the incorporated product, please email
I haven't quite decided what to do, but we will support you some way. We can probably even provide additional manuals. I will update this website when we have an approach worked out.

If you need to expand a site license, please email us, and we will provide a note to permit you to do so legally.

The news group comp.lang.awk contains general questions and answers about the awk programming language, and occasionally includes some articles about TAWK.

If any very experienced C programmer is interested in continuing to expand the software please email me.

Thank you to all our customers.

Product Information:

This Information is for Reference Only:

TAWK Compiler
Compiled, extended, turbo-charged text processing language.
Whats new in TAWK Compiler 5.0?
New features are described here. Note that we've been shipping it for ages.
Thompson Toolkit
UNIX compatible programmer tools for PCs
Now includes VI Editor and NAWK Programming Language

Down-loadable goodies:

Product Patches
Free fixes and upgrades.
TAWK Library
TAWK programs you can download.